The Cape

The Cape, or The multi cape as it was used to be called, was a design Pernilla Forsman created during her years as student at Beckman’s College of Design in Stockholm. Pernilla played with the original idea and design for a cape and came up with different ways of wearing the garment, hence its original name The Multi cape. The multi-aspect of Pernilla Forsman’s design runs in her family but that’s another story.

Original Pernilla Forsman catalog
The original Pernilla Forsman catalogue illustrating various ways to wear The Cape.

Many to whom The Cape was shown to in the 90′s was amazed by the versatility of it. The multi-cape was soft, produced in Italy from 100 percent merino wool, and available in classic melange colors.

The Cape hit the market through shops in Sweden and abroad. In order to sell the garment, shop owners had to showcase ways it could be worn. Although many bought, really loved and still are wearing it, the versatile garment never found its way to a big audience, which we think it deserves. That’s why we’ve put it back in production and with the same properties as the original multi cape.

The Cape is only distributed through this website and available for purchase in our shop.

We have refined the design and it is presently available in black melange one size fits all.

We’re so excited about having new and old fans using this garment again. Please let us know how you are using it!